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Gretchen & Regina - A Novelty Folk Band Duo

This is the kind of folk act you wish you could see during your lunch break at Potbelly, instead of the usual Patchouli knockoffs awkwardly strumming Marley jams while you munch your skinny Wreck on wheat. Their names aren't Gretchen and Regina but Emily Claibourne and Hilary Williams. Claiborne plays guitar and sings while Williams drinks and sings. The collaboration is a rather silly, charming parody of Lillith Fair fare, and the banter and chemistry suggest an apolitical Smothers Brothers--if Tom were a lesbian and Dick drank a lot of gin onstage. Williams and Claibourne promise a different set of songs each week. On opening night the topics they tackled included stalkers, Tom Cruise, grocery store love, and being mistaken for a prostitute yet again.

--Brian Costello, Chicago Reader

Gretchen & Regina on video

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